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The cracks are where the light gets in


Latin compassionem, sympathia  

Greek syn=together; feeling or suffering

a. A sense of caring and concern for another’s well-being.

b. A way to get happy and a make a lot of friends. 

c. It is the best way to fulfill our own interests.

d. Giving loving-kindness, you receive maximum benefit.

E. All of the above.

~defined by H.H. the Dalai Lama

In the Skin of Self-Compassion

We often treat our mind and body as if they are caged when we say, “I’m too anxious, too moody, too confused, too tight, too flabby, too broken.” When we berate ourselves for our shortcomings, we forget we are just human. We overlook our brilliance. When we turn inwards, pause and reflect, we can find the sweet spot of self- compassion.

Breathing a sense of give into our current emotional, ethical or physical states loosens our tight concept of ourselves. We can recognize that our impatience to become some slippery ideal might reveal a deeper hunger. We often depend on others to help us feel good.  And if someone does sincerely accept us we feel great and if they don’t we feel stuck.  And yet we seldom give that whole -hearted acceptance to ourselves. 

We know in our gut that a true affinity with someone genuinely accepts him or her without demanding anything. While it might be challenging to give this kind regard to ourselves, we could start with positive self-talk. There is no promise everything will be solved in a heartbeat, but we sense that being receptive to ourselves is essential to flourish. When we cut ourselves some compassionate slack, we are more easy-going with ourselves and chances are with anyone who crosses our path. ~ ss

“The moment you see how important it is to love yourself, 

you will stop making others suffer.”


Shakyamuni Buddha, Samyutta Nikaya 3:8

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