What is therapy?

Therapy highlights that you are an artful mystery willing to understand the changing nuances of being you. Wisdom traditions and recent science have concluded that each of us cultivates the chance to synchronize our mind and body. The key is how you feel and how your inner views influence the way you are coping and living now
I accompany you in your inquiry and reaffirm your authenticity. Your experiences of therapeutic practices influence the flow of your well-being. The textures of your lived experiences reveal the myriad ways of how to “know yourself,” expand understanding and spark insights. As a therapist, I am your compassionate supporter to guide your investigation through the trauma informed modalities of somatic explorations and mindfulness techniques, cognitive behaviour and narrative therapy & active imagination.
Your willingness to dive in to your depths is a profound act of caring that ripples out into the world.

Counselling Therapy Sessions

Counselling - In Person

60min | $105

Counselling - Online

60min | $105

Calm Your Anxiety Package

3 Sessions | 60min | $280

Discovery Call - Online

15min | Free

Something Softer

Counselling & mindfulness practices to embrace your depths. You can also find me here on Psychology Today 
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Counselling Sessions

In Person or Online Counselling Therapy

Yoga Sessions

Yoga Asana, Meditation & Mindfulness